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    We manufacture tents according to manufacturing stages of preparation and spinning the raw material (goat hair) till sewing and installing the tent .

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    معرض الصور

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    تنتج شركة بادية النسيج الخاص بالخيام وبيوت الشعر من اجود انواع شعر الماعز الطبيعي على افضل الالات المخصصة لذلك ووتنوع منتجاتها من النسيج بما يلبي متطلبات واذواق الزبائن.

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    Development , innovation, values and heritage .. With these words we can embody * Badia Spinning & Weaving Company * , starting from its past, passing through its present till its future We are proud of the reputation which we gained in the Gulf region and the Middle East , where it is the first company in the world in producing the fabric of tents from goat hair The company was established in Riyadh at 1983 by the sons of Mr. Abdullah Olabi as a continuation of their investment projects in Syria, Kuwait, India and Guatemala, which included the industry of fabric tents and food trade. Badia company produces the best types of tents made from the best kinds of goat hair with various colors (black, white and brown) to meet customer’s needs with different sizes keeping the structure shape of the tent whatever its size and design, the company also offers interiors and linings of Fabrics Chanille which gives elegance and luxury for the tent .